About HEnan



The county I visited is located in the northern part of Henan, the agricultural region of China. As an inland province, it does not have the import/export ability of the coastal provinces and has not attracted much domestic and international investment to build its economic infrastructure. However, the close location to the yellow river has allowed Henan to be an agricultural based economy. 



Henan has a predominantly agricultural economy. Some of the crops they grow include tomatoes, green beans, corn, peanuts, and squash. Each family owns around 5 mu of land. Small companies have been created to act as middlemen to help sell the crops that the farmers have planted. Shown in the picture to the right, a small business has leased a retail area to farmers and they are setting up what is essentially a "farmers market".



Though it may not seem like it, planting crops can be comparable to gambling. Each year, farmers must choose which crops they will plant based on which crops they think other farmers will not plant, or which crops will be in demand when harvest season comes around. Without the big data readily available to these farmers, many of them spend hours in the fields just to plant a crop that every other farmer planted, which means less profit for them. Because of this, farmers are leaving their land to go to the cities for more stable, low pay jobs.